(also known as and is THE best integrated customer relationship management (CRM) for QuickBooks, hands down.  Out of the box implementations are quick and simple, but the awesome power of is the ability to build custom apps and make changes to existing functionality.  Eliminate spreadsheets that contain vital business information and get it into a database! is a cloud based software as a service, or SaaS.  The benefits of having a cloud based application integrated with your QuickBooks are endless.  Some examples:

  • Remote data entry platform enabling QB data input from any internet connected device without the need to remotely connect to a desktop or server
  • Enforce business logic and rules in QuickBooks data entry screens, i.e. making fields required or auto-populating
  • Capture information specific to your business that QuickBooks does not provide a place for
  • Deploy customer and vendor portals with a few clicks, providing self service access to historical and current transactions, case and solution history, and custom knowledgebase., PLLC provides customization, training and support for, please contact us for more information!

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