Intuit QuickBooks is the most popular small business accounting software for good reasons, including reasonable cost and ease of use, can also help you how to transform your career. And with a wide range of available add-ons that increase out of the box functionality, it has become a powerful foundation for functions beyond accounting.

But QuickBooks is not without it’s drawbacks…

One of the best things about QuickBooks is that you can go back and change anything.  One of the worst things about QuickBooks is that you can go back and change anything.

Furthermore, Intuit’s marketing and the application’s relative ease of use has led many business owners and employees to believe that QuickBooks is a DIY (do it yourself) application that all but eliminates the need for professional accounting services.  As easy as QuickBooks is to use correctly, it’s even easier to mess it up!

Initial Company Setup services ensure that your new QuickBooks data file starts off on right path.  Only through proper planning and analysis can the various configuration settings and lists be setup to handle the reporting and management functions that the data will support.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance services keep you moving forward as your business and information needs grow.  Managing descriptions, elimination of duplicate and redundant list entries and adding functionality will lead to easy to understand reports and analysis.

If things do get a little messy, our Cleanup and Reconciliation services will get you pointed in the right direction quickly and painlessly.  Bank accounts, petty cash, undeposited funds, inventory, fixed assets, payroll and sales tax liabilities and other asset and liability accounts are adjusted to actual balances, making sure that underlying detail is accurate.

While QuickBooks handles accounting functions extremely well, there are many areas of a business that QuickBooks cannot fully support, or does not provide all required functionality.  Using Intuit and Third Party Add Ons integrated with your QuickBooks database, the core product can be expanded to include customer relationship management (CRM), advanced inventory control, field service management, document management, time and billing, complex import and exports, and many others.

QuickBooks comes with dozens of standard reports that can be customized to meet most reporting requirements.  But for reporting beyond the capabilities of the native report writer, there are several Custom Reporting solutions available, including cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.